Limited Edition Soul Cleansing Ritual Bundle

Everything you need to aid your meditation practice, in one beautiful bundle. Redirect your focus on inner peace, serenity, and vibrant and positive energy. Cleans your mind. Find clarity, relax, let go, and trust the process.

What’s included:
-3 Palo Santo sticks
-1 Clear Quartz Crystal
-1 Oyster shell

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Palo Santo

Palo Santo wood is considered sacred for its many beneficial properties on a psychological and physical level. It has a calming effect that brings inner peace and serenity and is said to restore your inner balance and positive energy.

Grown by the ocean in the Manabì region of central and southern Ecuador giving it its natural incense of balsamic and fresh notes. A delicate shade of yellow giving us hints of citrus notes and a mix of mint and licorice notes at the end.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is the stone of ultimate wisdom and total clarity. It harnesses the balancing energy of positivity, healing, connection, and wisdom. It reflects light, which has detoxifying characteristics. It helps clean the energy field around your body and remove negative energy. Clear quartz creates the potential to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit as well as strengthen the physical and mental well-being by stimulating the immune system.

A clear quartz crystal is the perfect addition to your meditation. If you like to invite positive and clear energy into your life, hold it in your hand or put it in front of you. If you are lying down put it above your head and let it work together with your crown chakra. Used when meditating this crystal will strengthen and broaden the mind to a higher level of spiritual awareness. It can be inspiring and result in a sense of intuition, or consciousness beyond the everyday life.

Oyster Shell

Oysters show up as spiritual guides when your strength needs a boost. It shows up when your life calls for harmony, protection, and/or when you are about to triumph out of adversity.

Call on an Oyster for spiritual guidance when you want to turn your struggles into victory, when you need to raise your physical and emotional energy, or when you need time for yourself. Let it protect you from stress.

Let your burning Palo Santo stick rest on your oyster shell while you focus on your inner presence.

Size & Weight

Palo Sant Sticks: 1x1x10cm

Oyster Shell: This is a hand-picked nature made product. Size and shape may vary. They were hand-picked by our founder in the south of Sweden this summer.

Clear Quartz Crystal: This is a hand-picked nature made product. Size and shape may vary.

Care & Safety

How to light a Palo Santo Stick

Light a stick up at one end, and then turn it off immediately. The flame should last for a few seconds so as not to burn the resin. A stream of smoke will rise from the glowing coal and spread into the environment. To fuel the combustion, gently blow on the embers reviving it as if you were giving energy to the sacred fire. When the embers turn off, you can repeat the ignition. Do not leave the flame burning under the stick for more than a few seconds. DO NOT LEAVE A BURNING PALO SANTO STICK ALONE.

Our Palo Santo partners guarantees that the production respect the habitat of the plant and environment. The wood is not taken from living trees. They are hand-picked from the ground after the plant has finished its natural life cycle. The wood matures for at least 4 years before its picked. During this time essential oils and its aromatic fragrance stabilizes. The trees are never treated with pesticides and guarantees pure smoke.

Clean your crystal

We clean the crystal before we send it to you, but make sure to recharge it with your energy. Clean your crystal before you start using it. This crystal can be cleaned with a non-abrasive soap and a sponge, but crystal care is completely up to your individual preference. Our favorite way to recharge our crystals is to expose them to the full moon. Make sure to clean and recharge it every now and then.

Clean your oyster shell

These oyster shells were handpicked in the south of Sweden. We have cleaned them using a process including water, bleach, soap, and the sun. If you need to clean it use non-abrasive soap, a gentle brush, and a gentle hand. If it gets smoke smudge from a Palo Santo stick, try to wipe it off with a dry towel before doing a deep clean.


Palo Santo Wood

Oyster Shell

Clear Quartz Crystal