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We are all about finding amazing partnerships to share the holistic lifestyle with more people around the world. If you’re looking to spread the word we are looking for YOU!

5 Reasons to Why We Love to Collaborate with Like-Minded Souls:

1. Deepening the Connection: At our holistic haven, we believe that collaborating with like-minded souls is an essential step towards deepening our sense of connection. As cosmopolitan women navigating the bustling urban landscape, it’s crucial to align with those who share our values of spiritual growth, wellness, and sustainability. These collaborations create a ripple effect of positive energy, fostering a community of kindred spirits that uplift and inspire each other on this beautiful journey.

2. Amplifying Collective Energy: Just as a chorus of voices creates a harmonious melody, coming together with those who resonate with our ethos amplifies our collective energy. When we unite our intentions, knowledge, and experiences, we create a synergistic force that radiates far beyond our individual selves. By collaborating with like-minded souls, we magnify our impact and contribute to a greater sense of well-being, not only for ourselves but for the world around us.

3. Co-Creation of Transformative Experiences: Our journey towards holistic wellness is as unique as each individual’s fingerprint. Collaborating with kindred spirits allows us to co-create transformative experiences that cater to diverse perspectives and preferences. Through these collaborations, we fuse our expertise to curate workshops, retreats, and products that seamlessly blend ancient wisdom with modern urban living, ensuring that every woman finds a path that resonates with her soul.

4. Embracing Holistic Abundance: When we collaborate with like-minded souls, we tap into the abundant flow of the universe. This synergy transcends competition and scarcity, fostering an environment of mutual support and growth. By aligning with those who share our values, we remind ourselves that there is enough success, joy, and fulfillment for all of us. Together, we create a space where everyone thrives, contributing to the well-being of not only ourselves but the entire cosmos.

5. Nurturing the Soul’s Tribe: Just as a garden flourishes when tended by many hands, our souls flourish when nurtured by the presence of our tribe. Collaborating with kindred spirits nurtures our journey of self-discovery and self-care, allowing us to explore new dimensions of wellness and spirituality. In the heart of the bustling city, our collaborations serve as an oasis of authenticity and connection, reminding us that we’re never alone on this path of holistic living.


Please complete the form below and if it looks like we’re a holistic match one of our team members will be in touch.

Please note: We get hundreds of requests for collabs and while we’d love to get back to everyone, unfortunately it’s not possible. We’ll contact you if we’d like to proceed. If not, continued being your true self. 

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