Self-Love Workbook

Do you like yourself? Like truly like the person you are, and all that you stand for? When you are alone, do you feel content? No matter what you feel, it’s OK. Because self-love is a process and a journey. Let this workbook be part of your journey to truly loving every part of You.

Our new and updated version of the Self-Love Workbook includes 10 additional exercises, voices of self-love, and more. We have gone from 25 to 52 pages filled with deep diving questions, practices, and guides for you to plan and take action. 


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Included in this 52 page workbook you will find 3 parts with a total of 20 exercises, self-care and self-love practice tips, and voices of self-love. In each part you will find the following:

PART 1 – Dive Deep

Exercise 1 – Personal inventory – Take inventory of all areas in your live

Exercise 2 – Get to Know Yourself – Answer the questions without judgement

Exercise 3 – Be Who You Are – Imagine your perfect day

Exercise 4 – Self-love Tree – Stay grounded and grow your branches

Exercise 5 – Positive Thoughts & Affirmations – A list of thoughts and affirmations to keep close for when you need to redirect your thoughts to self love

Exercise 6 – My Self-Love Wheel – Create a circle of self-power

Exercise 7 – List of Attraction – Work on your past and future 

Voices of Self-Love – Be inspired

PART 2 – Practice

Self-Care Practice – 20 Different ways to start loving yourself

Exercise 8 – Daily Self-Love – A daily check in for your self love work

Exercise 9 – My Daily Self-Care Checklist

Exercise 10 – Weekly Self-Care Checklist – Give yourself a star when you have put your own wellbeing first

Exercise 11 – Weekly Self-Love Tasks – Use this space to reflect

Exercise 12 – 30 Days of Self-Care Checklist – 5 things you want to do for yourself everyday

Exercise 13 – 30 Days of Self-Love Bingo – Do one thing a day

Voices of Self-Love – Be inspired

PART 3 – Plan & Take Action

Exercise 14 – My Focus – Define what you need to focus on

Exercise 15 – Yearly Goals – Dreams and wishes, what do you want to accomplish this year?

Exercise 16 – My Goals – Set goals and know why, how, when, & where these will take you

Exercise 17 – Goal Planner – Go deeper into your goals

Exercise 18 – Action Plan – Create a plan for yourself

Exercise 19 – Self-Love Vision Board – Gather everything you have learned about yourself, goals, and dreams and create a visual inspiration board

Exercise 20 – Love Letter to Yourself – Write a love letter to yourself

Voices of Self-Love – Be inspired

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Care for this product as a true friend. Let it guide you and keep it close by for when you need it.


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