Amethyst Point

Amethyst is a master healer. They’re used for protection and spiritual and emotional healing. Create your own sanctuary with our Amethyst Points. Let the Amethyst help you relax and get a good night sleep in the bedroom or help you fight your stress at the office.


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Amethyst helps you rest and has soothing characteristics. It helps with mental stress, fatigue, and calms the nervous system.

Spiritual use – When you meditate put it in at the third-eye chakra between your eyebrows and let it promote healing and spiritual growth. The Amethyst makes you more open to healing energy and helps you free the mind from stress. It leads to awareness and understanding the meaning of life, which can inspire you to make positive changes in your life.

Chakra – The Third-eye chakra mentally deals with visual consciousness and emotionally with clarity on an intuitive level.

Size & Weight

The crystals vary in size. One might be long, one might be short, one might be thick. They range between 5-10cm in length. Each crystal is unique as it is a natural material and might vary from the photo.

If you have a special request – Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Care & Safety

We recommend that you wash and recharge your crystal when you receive it. You can wash your amethyst using a gentle liquid soap and warm water. If you’re using your amethyst for healing or your spiritual practice, you have several options for cleansing and recharging your stones.

  • Soaking your amethyst in salt water overnight is an easy option. Fill a container with warm water, add 1-2 tbsp (17-35 g) of sea salt, and stir until the salt dissolves. Place your crystal in the salt water and leave it to soak overnight. Finally, rinse the stones with warm water. Using salt water is a traditional way of cleansing crystals used for your spiritual practice. It’s believed that the salt releases negative energy and acts as a spiritual disinfectant.
  • Purify and charge your amethyst under a full or waning moon. Put your stones in a safe place outdoors or on a windowsill. Leave your amethyst under the light of the moon overnight. Retrieve your stones in the morning and use them in your practice. In crystal healing communities, moonlight is used to add vibrations to a stone.
  • Rinse your amethyst under rain water for 5 minutes. Place your amethyst in a colander. Put the colander outside in the falling rain, then let the water fall over the stones for about 5 minutes. It is believed that running water can neutralize negative energy and give it back to the earth.
  • Smudge your stones with Palo Santo, sage, sweet grass, or cedar smoke. Use a smudge stick or place loose sage leaves, sweet grass, or cedar in an incense bowl. Light the smudge stick or loose smudging material. Then, pass your amethyst through the smoke 3 times to cleanse and recharge it. You can leave the smudge to burn or you can put it out once the amethyst is purified.
  • Bury your stone for 24 hours to release negative energy and recharge it. Dig a shallow hole in the dirt outside your home. Place the amethyst in the hole and cover it with dirt. Leave the stones under the dirt for at least 1 day before digging them up. After you unbury your stones, rinse them under warm water to clean off any dirt or debris. It’s okay to use soap and water to clean the dirt off your stone. 


Amethyst Crystal

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