Love The Small Stuff Bag

This Love The Small Stuff Bag is perfect for the essentials in your everyday life. Fill it with your makeup, keys, headphones, band-aids, old receipts or anything else you absolutely need on a daily basis. Why not store your must-have jewelry on your next trip?

-Dharma scent disc

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Our bags are out of a material called Yulex the world’s first high performing, non-sensitizing, 100% plant-based, and sustainably sourced pure natural rubber.

Included you’ll find our signature fragrance, Dharma. This fragrance is a combination of essential oils that have been merged to help you go from a busy bee to a focused powerhouse.

Size & Weight

Bag: 16x16x3.5cm

Scent: 3.7cm


To keep this LTS Bag fresh we suggest wiping off the surface (both in- and outside) with a damped cloth every now and then. The same goes for stains. When you feel the need for a deep clean, we suggest giving your bag some extra love with a massaging hand wash in cold water using a natural and eco-friendly cleaner for neoprene materials. We recommend Washologi and their organic detergent.

Please remember that Yulex is made out of natural rubber. It should not be soaked in water for too long. Dry your bag flat between two towels and gently press out the excess water before leaving it to dry in savasana and fill up with new energy for your next adventure.


Love The Small Stuff Bag –
Outer: Yulex protected by a cover of 87% Nylon & 13% Spandex.
Lining: 83.5% Polyester & 16.5% Spandex

Scent – Ceramic disc, Alcohol, Frankincense (Boswellia carterii gum oil),
Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora wood oil), Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides root oil),
Bergamot (Citrus aurantium bergamia fruit oil), French Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens leaf oil),
Ylang-Ylang (Cananga odorata flower oil) and Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea oil).

Made in Europe

Customer Reviews

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Essentially a luxury version of a clutch

I was really curious about this product, described as something that would make a difference inside my bag, but which in all respects looks like a clutch bag with an unusual and thin shape.
This Fajers Love The Small Stuff Bag, once I get it and try it on, is essentially a luxury version of a clutch.
Starting from its appearance, it has rather small dimensions, about 16 cm per side, with a slightly hexagonal shape, with very rounded corners. Very soft, it is made of a material similar to neoprene, called Yulex, the first high-performance, non-sensitizing, 100% plant-based and sustainably sourced natural rubber. Really very thin, it can contain small objects to always keep with you, but also jewels, coins, etc.
The opening is placed on the top side, and is a sturdy black zip like the pochette itself.
From what I read in the description and in the nice letter that accompanied the pouch in its packaging, the materials were chosen for their reduced environmental impact, an aspect that I really liked.
Since I've mentioned part of the packaging, I'll also say a few words about this aspect. The clutch is truly packaged as a luxury item: carefully wrapped in black tissue paper, it is housed in a cardboard cylinder of the same color, with a double label. Inside the cylinder, in a smaller cylinder, there is an accessory that makes this object even more exclusive: a scented ceramic pod to keep inside the pochette, for a breath of perfume with each use. My pod unfortunately arrived broken, but only in two pieces, so luckily I can still use it.

Ero davvero curiosa di questo prodotto, descritto come un qualcosa che avrebbe fatto la differenza all’interno della mia borsa, ma che a tutti gli effetti sembra una pochette dalla forma insolita e sottile.

Questa Fajers Love The Small Stuff Bag, una volta che l’ho ricevuta e provata, è essenzialmente una versione luxury di una qualunque pochette da borsetta.
Partendo dal suo aspetto, si presenta di dimensioni piuttosto piccole, circa 16 cm per lato, con una forma leggermente esagonale, con angoli molto arrotondati. Morbidissima, è realizzata in materiale del tutto simile al neoprene, chiamato ​ Yulex, la prima gomma naturale ad alte prestazioni, non sensibilizzante, al 100% a base vegetale e di provenienza sostenibile. Davvero molto sottile, può contenere piccoli oggetti da tenere sempre con sè, ma anche gioielli, monete, ecc.
L’apertura è posta sul lato in alto, ed è una robusta cerniera lampo di colore nero come la pochette stessa.
Da quello che leggo nella descrizione e nella bella lettera che accompagnava la pochette nella sua confezione, i materiali sono stati scelti per il loro ridotto impatto ambientale, aspetto che mi è piaciuto davvero molto.
Già che ho nominato parte del packaging, spendo due parole anche su questo aspetto. La pochette è confezionata davvero come un oggetto di lusso: avvolta con cura da della carta velina di colore nero, trova alloggio in un cilindo di cartone dello stesso colore, con doppia etichetta. All’interno del cilindro, in un cilindro più piccolo, vi è poi un accessorio che rende questo oggetto ancora più esclusivo: una cialda ceramica profumata da tenere all’interno della pochette, per una ventata di profumo ad ogni utilizzo. La mia cialda purtroppo è arrivata rotta, ma solo in due pezzi, quindi per fortuna riesco ugualmente ad utilizzarla.

Hi Vanessa,

Thank you for your wonderful review. Your feedback means the world to us. We're sorry to hear that the fragrance disc broke. We would love to send a replacement and will contact you via email regarding this.

Warm regards,
Team Fajers

The product is amazing

El tejido de la bolsa es una pasada. Es neopreno, pero súper suave, hace mucho que no veía un tejido de tanta calidad. Super agradable, flexible.
Nos dice el fabricante que se lave a mano con un jabón suave.

En mi opinión es perfecto para llevar en el bolso o la maleta. Con maquillaje, joyas, etc. Muy útil.

La piedra con olor la dejaré dentro de la bolsa o quizá en otro sitio, tengo que decidirlo aún.

Llega muy bien presentado, en un tubo rígido, con papel de seda en el exterior y en el interior.

El producto es una pasada, sin tener en cuenta el precio del mismo.
The fabric of the bag is amazing. It's neoprene, but super soft, it's been a long time since I've seen such a quality fabric. Super nice, flexible.
We are told by the manufacturer to hand wash with a mild soap.

In my opinion it is perfect to carry in your bag or suitcase. With makeup, jewelry, etc. Very useful.

I'll leave the scented stone in the bag or maybe somewhere else, I still have to decide.

It arrives very well presented, in a rigid tube, with tissue paper on the outside and inside.

The product is amazing, regardless of its price.

Offers exceptional durability

Les ✅ de l'article :
Cette pochette multifonctionnelle est incroyablement résistante, garantissant une durabilité à long terme.
Son matériau en caoutchouc offre une protection supplémentaire
La pochette est parfumée, ce qui lui confère une agréable odeur tout en protégeant son contenu.
Elle dispose de multiples compartiments pour organiser efficacement vos affaires.

Les ⛔ de l'article :
La taille de la pochette peut être limitée pour certains objets plus volumineux.

👉 Conclusion :
Malgré la rigidité potentielle due au matériau en caoutchouc et la taille limitée pour certains objets, cette pochette multifonctionnelle offre une durabilité exceptionnelle

The ✅ of the article:
This multifunctional pouch is incredibly durable, ensuring long-lasting durability.
Its rubber material provides extra protection
The pouch is scented, which gives it a pleasant smell while protecting its contents.
It has multiple compartments to efficiently organize your belongings.

The ⛔ of the article:
Pouch size may be limited for some larger items.

👉 Conclusion:
Despite the potential rigidity due to the rubber material and the limited size for some objects, this multifunctional pouch offers exceptional durability

Long lasting fragrance

Discret, dans bagages. Laisse un parfum longue durée. - Discreet, in luggage. Leaves a long lasting fragrance.