Fiber & Material


Our vision is to work with innovative and sustainable materials. From the fiber of the fabric to the paper we print.

When we source new materials, we look at the following criteria’s:

–       What the fiber is made out of.
–       The process of producing the material.
–       The company behind the material.
–       Where it is made.

WHY – Because we believe that in choosing sustainably sourced and made materials is fundamental to making a change in the industry. The focus on innovative materials come from a curiosity for the unknown and drive to explore it.

HOW – By staying connected with the industry and being up to date with what’s going on in the development of new fibers as well as what’s being done to improve the production process of existing materials.


Clean the oceans and contribute to science

There are a lot of fibers out there that has been created by waste materials. At Fajers we would like to see more of this and at the same time help clean the ocean.

WHY – Because we need water.

HOW – One big goal of ours is to work with fabrics created by waste from the ocean. We are still looking for the right material for our products, but we know that by using materials that has been created by waste would not only clean up the oceans, but also give us the opportunity to give back to the science of creating innovative and sustainable materials.

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