Social Sustainability

Promote wellbeing – Social Sustainability


The idea behind Fajers is to create products that makes your everyday life easier. By combining high-quality and sustainable products with inspiring content we believe that Fajers can guide you to create your holistic lifestyle.


Our goal is to build a community where we can come together to inspire and support each other.

WHY – Only you know your why, but for us it’s about giving you the tools to take care of yourself.

HOW – Make choices that empower you, make you feel happy, and create positive energy inside of you. We want to be part of your how and your journey to your most outstanding self.

Equality & Diversity


This is a female owned and lead company. Our founder is all about women coming together to create powerful things, but also about giving everyone equal opportunities.

We make sure that our company culture is welcoming and inclusive. We are stronger together and equal and fair opportunities should be available to everyone. With diversity comes innovation and everyone get their voice heard with equality.

WHY – Do we even need to give a why?

HOW – By seeing the person and the persons qualifications, passion, and energy.


As we grow as a company our goal will be to make sure that we give our employees and partners the tools they need to grow within our company as well as in their personal life.


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