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Quality in everything

The quality of a product depends on everything we do. All the way from the fiber to the environment in the factories to our customer service. If someone asks us about the price of our products, we proudly tell them about our supply-chain.

WHY – Because we value the labor and love that goes into producing our products.

HOW – By leading by example and make sure our partners have the same high standard as we do.



As a small company it’s hard to include all the technology that we would like to give you the ability to trace your product all the way back to the fiber, but in the meantime, we will be transparent and authentic with you. We ask our suppliers and partners for their sustainability certificates, reporting and values. Because their work becomes part of our work.

WHY – Because we believe in transparency.

HOW – By communicating with our partners in the industry, asking them about what they do and create a report that shows you what we are doing. Work together so that you can trace your product all the way back to the fiber.

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