Palo Santo and Cinnamon Bundle

Cinnamon is ideal for inviting prosperity, success, and protection into your life. Palo Santo wood is considered sacred and has a calming effect that brings inner peace and serenity and is said to restore your inner balance and positive energy. Use separately or together to create the ultimate space for you. This product includes 3 Palo Santo Sticks and 2 Cinnamon Sticks.

250 kr

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Palo Santo – Grown by the ocean in the Manabì region of central and southern Ecuador giving it its natural incense of balsamic and fresh notes. A delicate shade of yellow giving us hints of citrus notes and a mix of mint and licorice notes at the end.

Size & Weight

The size of one Palo Sant Sticks is 1x1x10cm.

The size of one Cinnamon Sticks is 1x1x10cm.

Care & Safety

How to light a Palo Santo & Cinnamon Sticks

Light a stick up at one end, and then turn it off immediately. The flame should last for a few seconds so as not to burn the resin. A stream of smoke will rise from the glowing coal and spread into the environment. To fuel the combustion, gently blow on the embers reviving it as if you were giving energy to the sacred fire. When the embers turn off, you can repeat the ignition. Do not leave the flame burning under the stick for more than a few seconds. DO NOT LEAVE A BURNING PALO SANTO STICK ALONE.


Palo Santo Wood

Our Palo Santo partners guarantees that the production respect the habitat of the plant and environment. The wood is not taken from living trees. They are hand-picked from the ground after the plant has finished its natural life cycle. The wood matures for at least 4 years before its picked. During this time essential oils and its aromatic fragrance stabilizes.

The trees are never treated with pesticides and guarantees pure smoke.

Cinnamon Sticks


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